Our Carriers

We Value Partnerships

Not only do we value customer relationships, we understand the importance of having great relationships with our carriers. Building these relationships benefits us as well as our clients. These strong partnerships allow us to gain access to information, services, and coverage options that may not be easily accessible to everyone.

Since 2009, Pete Beckman Insurance has strived to become the Quad Cities’ premier insurance agency. Our carriers are A+ rated, and have a long history of service and success in the states of Iowa & Illinois. We encourage you to visit each carrier website, and see for yourself their quality and tradition.

Pete Beckman Insurance is a hands-on insurance agency that believes in being involved in our clients’ decisions. This helps to ensure that they are making wise choices that will ultimately benefit them and their loved ones. As an independent agency, we are even able to shop for insurance on our client’s behalf. To learn more about our carriers and to request a free quote, give us a call today at 563-359-0690. You may also feel free to utilize our online contact form.




MetLife (Farmers)




Banner Life

MFS Mutual



Private Market Flood