Vacant Property & Rental Property Insurance

Rental property insurance is a specialty home insurance policy for the property owner rather than the tenant. It’s similar to a homeowners policy but is designed to account for the differing risks that you face when you rent a property rather than live in it yourself.

In addition to damage to the building itself and your personal property (such as included furniture), rental property insurance often covers lost income if property damaged means you can’t rent it out for a period. The policy will also often include coverage for liability you might face if a tenant sues over injury suffered in the property.

Other covered risks can include any costs you have to pay to move a tenant in or out of the property during repairs. Plus, any compensation you have to pay to a tenant if damage puts heating or air conditioning out of action.

Our team will assist you in purchasing coverage for your investment. We’ve developed well-established relationships with several A-rated, Admitted carriers, of dwelling fire policies, including Foremost and IMT Insurance. Please complete our property insurance quote, and we’ll have a response to you within two business days. Thank you!

For more information, please visit our Understanding Homeowners Insurance page.

Property Insurance

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